If It’s There Do It

In an age of increasing passivity and spectatoritis, I am an activist. I believe God intended rivers to be swum or canoed, mountains to be climbed or skied, cliffs to be rappelled, books to be read, games to be played and new places to be visited. Beethoven had the idea when, going deaf, he said, “I will take life by the throat!” When in doubt, do it! Go for it!

This one needs a strong caution. It is not to be applied to situations that are clearly sinful, or even doubtful, or to those that are unacceptably dangerous.

Following this word will break the ambivalence of those ‘will I or won’t I’ situations. It will help you decide to take that trip, redo the kitchen, bike around the lake or go for that scholarship. Have an adventure. IF IT’S THERE, DO IT!

One Reply to “If It’s There Do It”

  1. I am inspired by — and thankful for — friends who see what God has given them to do and and then DO IT. Reckless daredevils? NOT AT ALL. I have in mind people who understand Pastor Geiger’s “strong caution.” They discern what is sinful, doubtful, or unacceptably dangerous, and refuse to participate in such activities. Timid scaredy cats? Again, NOT AT ALL. These people throw caution to the wind when it comes to doing God’s will. For them, the truly dangerous thing would be whatever gets in the way of finishing God-given tasks. Sail across the sea? “Sure!” Listen to the siren calls to do something else? “Never. Too dangerous!”

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