Facing twenty-three delicious, tempting desserts in the Highland Park Cafeteria line is the world’s worst time to decide whether to break one’s diet ‘just this one time.’ That irresistible chess pie overwhelms me every time. My only hope for success lies in predeciding. I talk to myself beforehand: “I have made up my mind. No dessert. Not even chess pie. The subject is not open for reconsideration.” It works (almost every time). And by the Spirit’s power it works with issues and temptations of far greater import than maintaining one’s diet. I believe that is what our Lord did before His temptations in the wilderness. He found God’s will and way in Scripture, learned the passages, and decided before being tempted His sure and certain response. PREDECIDE!

2 Replies to “Predecide”

  1. Predeciding shifts over age. When I was young, the body was more powerful than the mind. Attending Horn Creek Ranch in college, I heard how upperclassman Lendol Calder climbed Horn Peak in just over 2 hours. For years after that I had to predecide, “WALK up the mountain, don’t run. I know you want to beat Lendol’s record, but we’re not going to do that today!”

    It’s forty years later, and I still climb mountains. But now, the mind is more powerful than the body. In recent years, I’ve had to predecide something very different: “KEEP WALKING up the mountain, don’t give up. I know that the summit seems farther away every year, but don’t let the mountain beat you today!”

  2. I have spoken this one word to myself–and taught it to others–waaaay too many times to have any idea of how often! It’s so powerfully true and helpful!

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