This was Pastor Geiger’s introduction to his 1988 booklet “In a Word…”

Over the years certain character traits Alice and I were seeking to instill in our offspring were gradually distilled into memorable pithy sayings. Some came directly or indirectly from Scripture, others were borrowed, yet others just happened. They all found their way into the fabric of our home, guiding both parents and children. Several of them have been woven into the fabric of the church family as well.

For the past several Christmases these have come back to me as gifts from my family, exquisitely calligraphed by Sue Bohlin, calligrapher par excellence and friend. They have hung on my study wall these years as gently daily reminders to practice what I preach and to pray for those dearest me that these lessons learned in the bosom of the family be remembered and lived in their ever-expanding worlds. They also reminded me to pray for you our larger Reinhardt Family, also dear to us, with whom we have shared most of these truths.

With Alice’s strong encouragement and Sue’s beautiful art work, we have prepared for you, our Reinhardt Family, these “Geigerisms” (as Sue calls them) as a token of our love for you and of our deep appreciation for all you mean to us and have taught us these seventeen years.
To the Reinhardt Family, with love.
Don Geiger
February 28, 1988

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